Top 6 Hurdles that Every Nurse Faces in Their Career

The nursing profession is respected, however, not rewarded as much as it deserves. A nurse faces uncountable issues in the span of their careers. And one cannot argue that nurses put more hard work than anyone else in the healthcare field.

However, what they get in return for the endless caregiving duties they perform are more hurdles than relief. In this article today, we will discuss the six issues nurses face during their career span.

Six Hurdles Nurses Face in their Career

1.   Workforce Shortage

The shortage of nurses in the US has always been a problem. And this problem has begun to increase as the baby boomers reach the retirement age. As we all know, the majority of the nursing staff consists of baby boomers; we can anticipate how big of an issue this shortage will become.

While the supply of the nurse staff has been short, the demand has been increasing manifolds. The reason for this increasing demand is due to the growth of the healthcare industry and retirement, as mentioned before. It has been estimated that more than a million nurses would be required to satisfy this need.

2.   Long Shifts

Due to a shortage of staff, another issue arises. Nurses are required to compensate for the lack of staffing by working through mandatory overtime shifts. Burdening the nurses with long hours of work can be detrimental to their own health while it puts the patients at risk of human errors due to long tiresome shifts.

This is one of the issues nurses faces due to lesser people opting for the nursing profession. Although the nurses put in extra hours, they may still feel that the care they provided to the patients was not efficient enough. Such thoughts can put nurses in an ethical dilemma. It can further cause nurses to lose motivation for their jobs.

3.   Toxicity at Workplace

Even though the nursing profession is respected worldwide, they sadly face a lot of toxicity at their workplaces. Some reports from authentic sources also suggest that nurses face violence by the patients. They go to the extent of beating, kicking, and bullying them.

Nurses face these problems in their daily lives at the workplace, while many of these cases stay unreported. The government needs to acknowledge this grave issue and do something about it. If the ones serving the sick aren't safe, who else is? And with such circumstances at hand, potential nurses also lose their interest in the field.

4.   Pay Gaps

The issue of pay gaps is worldwide and can be witnessed across all the industries. The male nurses are usually paid higher than their female counterparts. That causes another wave of demotivation among the female nurses who put their hearts and souls into their jobs.

A survey showed that male nurses earned more than their female counterparts. It also highlighted that the pay gap occurred whether the nurses were paid hourly rates or a fixed salary. According to that survey, the average difference in pay was worth $4000 annually.

5.   Dangers at the Workplace

Nurses are not only exposed to violence at work but also numerous hazards. The threat of viruses, flu, cold, and various other germs is always there. Recently, as the pandemic has taken over the world, nurses and other healthcare staff are exposed to the virus the most.

They have to work even without the proper safety equipment, which is putting their lives at risk.

6.   Adjustment Issues for New Nurses

It has been observed that older nurses are not entirely welcoming. Therefore the new nurses who join the workplace face a difficult time adjusting. Such behaviors put nurses in an uncomfortable situation.

Imagine the nervousness you may experience if you do not feel supported at your new workplace. You would be afraid of making any mistake, and won't know whom to ask for guidance from.

The senior nurses need to be more encouraging and welcoming. That is only how they can create a better for the new nurses and eventually themselves.


Nurses face many issues during their careers. Most of these problems are rooted in the shortage of staff. And therefore, it is a great need of the time that more people opt for online nurse studies and enter the workforce.

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